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TURNIP, Purple Top White Globe - 99¢ Cent Heirloom Seeds: Heirloom,Bulk

TURNIP, Purple Top White Globe

Heirloom Turnip Seeds

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Approximate seed count per packet ( 1.0g = 266 seeds )

'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip: Classic Flavor with Eye-Catching Appeal

Experience the classic flavor and eye-catching appeal of 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip. This heirloom variety produces smooth, round roots with a vibrant purple top and creamy white bottom. Known for its mild, sweet flavor and tender texture, 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip is a versatile addition to soups, stews, salads, and side dishes.

Key Features:

  • Classic Flavor: 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip offers a mild, sweet flavor with a hint of earthiness, making it a versatile ingredient for a variety of culinary creations. Enjoy it roasted, mashed, steamed, or raw for a refreshing crunch.
  • Eye-Catching Appearance: Admire the beauty of 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip with its smooth, round roots and striking purple-and-white coloration. The contrast between the vibrant purple top and creamy white bottom adds visual appeal to garden beds and harvest baskets.
  • Tender Texture: Harvest 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip when the roots are young and tender for the best flavor and texture. The crisp, succulent flesh is perfect for fresh eating, while cooked turnips become tender and creamy, adding richness to a variety of dishes.
  • Abundant Harvests: Enjoy a plentiful supply of 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip throughout the growing season. This reliable variety produces generous yields of roots that store well and can be enjoyed fresh or stored for later use.
  • Easy to Grow: Suitable for gardeners of all skill levels, 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip is easy to grow with minimal maintenance. With proper sunlight, water, and soil conditions, you can cultivate a productive crop of these flavorful turnips in your own backyard.
  • Heirloom Quality: 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip is an heirloom variety with a rich history and time-tested performance. Grow this classic turnip for its exceptional flavor, reliable production, and nostalgic charm that harkens back to simpler times.

Optimal Growing Conditions:

Cultivate the classic flavor and eye-catching appeal of 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip by providing optimal growing conditions:

  • Soil: Well-drained, fertile soil with good organic content. Prepare the soil by incorporating compost or aged manure to improve soil structure and provide essential nutrients for healthy root development.
  • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade. Plant 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip in a location that receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily for optimal growth and root development.
  • Watering: Consistent moisture. Keep the soil evenly moist throughout the growing season, particularly during root formation. Avoid overwatering to prevent issues like rot and disease.
  • Spacing: Plant turnip seeds or seedlings in rows spaced approximately 12 inches apart to allow room for root development. Thin seedlings to 4-6 inches apart once they reach a few inches in height.

Enjoy the classic flavor and vibrant beauty of 'Purple Top White Globe' Turnip in your garden. Order your seeds today and savor the delicious taste and visual appeal of these versatile, heirloom turnips.

Purple Top White Globe Turnip Planting Information

Days to Germination: 7
Days to Maturity: 50
Plant Spacing: 3-4"
Row Spacing: 15-24"
Approximate Seed Counts
Seeds per Oz. Seeds per Lb.
8000 128000
Current Seed Germination Data
Lot # Tested Germination Rate
J4131 2022-12-31 85%