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TOMATO, Red Cherry (Large) - 99¢ Cent Heirloom Seeds: Heirloom

TOMATO, Red Cherry (Large)

Heirloom Tomato Seeds

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Approximate seed count per packet ( 0.4g = 120 seeds )

'Red Cherry Large' Tomato: Bursting with Flavor

Experience the delightful sweetness and vibrant color of the 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato. This cherry tomato variety is renowned for its juicy, bite-sized fruits and rich, full flavor. Whether enjoyed fresh off the vine, tossed into salads, or added to culinary creations, 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato is sure to satisfy your taste buds and brighten your meals.

Key Features:

  • Bite-Sized Fruits: 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato produces clusters of plump, round fruits that are larger than traditional cherry tomatoes. Each tomato is bursting with juicy goodness, making it a perfect snack or addition to salads and appetizers.
  • Rich, Sweet Flavor: Indulge in the sweet, tangy flavor of 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato. These tomatoes are bursting with deliciousness, offering a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity that enhances any dish.
  • Abundant Harvest: With proper care and attention, 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato plants yield a bountiful harvest throughout the growing season. Whether grown in containers, raised beds, or garden plots, these plants reward gardeners with a plentiful supply of tasty tomatoes.
  • Easy to Grow: 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato is relatively easy to grow, making it suitable for gardeners of all skill levels. With adequate sunlight, well-drained soil, and regular watering, these plants thrive and produce an abundance of delicious fruits with minimal effort.
  • Culinary Versatility: From salads and appetizers to sauces and garnishes, 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato adds a burst of flavor and color to a variety of dishes. Its versatile nature makes it a favorite among home cooks and chefs alike.
  • Garden Beauty: With its vibrant red fruits and lush foliage, 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato adds beauty to any garden space. Plant it in containers, hanging baskets, or garden beds to enjoy its visual appeal as well as its delicious fruits.

Optimal Growing Conditions:

Cultivate the juicy sweetness and vibrant color of the 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato by providing optimal growing conditions:

  • Soil: Well-drained, fertile soil with good organic content. Amend the soil with compost or aged manure to improve fertility and provide essential nutrients for healthy plant growth.
  • Sunlight: Full sun. Plant 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato in a location that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight daily for robust growth and fruit development.
  • Watering: Consistent moisture. Maintain even soil moisture throughout the growing season, particularly during flowering and fruit set. Avoid overwatering to prevent issues like fruit cracking and blossom end rot.
  • Support: Provide support for 'Red Cherry Large' Tomato plants to prevent sprawling and ensure proper air circulation. Stake or cage the plants to support heavy fruit clusters and minimize the risk of disease.

Experience the joy of homegrown tomatoes with the 'Red Cherry Large' variety. Order your seeds today and enjoy a season of delicious, garden-fresh tomatoes that will brighten your meals and delight your taste buds.

Red Cherry (Large) Tomato Planting Information

Days to Germination: 8
Days to Maturity: 78
Planting Depth: 1/4"
Plant Spacing: 3-4'
Row Spacing: 3-4'
Approximate Seed Counts
Seeds per Oz. Seeds per Lb.
9000 171000
Current Seed Germination Data
Lot # Tested Germination Rate
E7067 2023-11-30 90%