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TOMATO, Brandywine Red - 99¢ Cent Heirloom Seeds: Heirloom

TOMATO, Brandywine Red

Heirloom Tomato Seeds

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Approximate seed count per packet ( 0.4g = 77 seeds )

Brandywine Red Heirloom Tomato: Exquisite Flavor and Time-Honored Tradition

Indulge in the exceptional flavor and rich history of Brandywine Red, a distinguished heirloom tomato variety. Celebrated for its robust taste and culinary significance, these tomatoes are a masterpiece, embodying the essence of traditional gardening and sustainable agriculture.

Key Features:

  • Flavor Profile: Delight in the sweet, complex taste that sets Brandywine Red apart. The well-balanced, tangy sweetness with a subtle undertone of earthiness provides a sensory experience beyond ordinary tomatoes.
  • Texture: Enjoy the luscious, meaty texture of each fruit. With a firm yet succulent consistency, these tomatoes are perfect for salads, sandwiches, or standalone enjoyment.
  • Color and Size: The vibrant, reddish-pink hue of Brandywine Red adds a visual pop to your garden and culinary creations. These large, beefsteak-style tomatoes, reaching up to one pound, make for a stunning centerpiece.
  • Growing Heritage: Cultivate a tradition with our carefully preserved Brandywine Red seeds. Passed down through generations, these seeds connect you to a time-honored legacy of sustainable agriculture.
  • Versatility: Whether you're a chef or home gardener, Brandywine Red is a versatile ingredient elevating any dish. From sauces to salads, the culinary possibilities are endless.
  • Gardener's Delight: Known for adaptability and disease resistance, Brandywine Red is a joy to cultivate. Bountiful harvests deliver exceptional flavor and satisfaction with proper care.
  • Fruit Size and Growth Type: Brandywine Red boasts generously sized tomatoes, up to one pound. This indeterminate variety continues producing throughout the season, ensuring a steady supply for your culinary adventures.

Optimal Growing Conditions:

Cultivate the finest Brandywine Red tomatoes with optimal growing conditions:

  • Soil: Well-drained, fertile soil enriched with organic matter.
  • Sunlight: Full sun exposure for at least 6-8 hours a day.
  • Watering: Consistent watering, keeping the soil evenly moist.
  • Support: Stake or cage plants to support the weight of large fruits.
  • Temperature: Thrives in warm climates, preferring temperatures between 70-85°F (21-29°C).

Bring heritage to your garden and table with Brandywine Red Heirloom Tomatoes. Elevate your culinary creations, savor unparalleled taste, and connect with tradition. Order your seeds today for a journey of flavor, history, and gardening excellence.

Brandywine Red Tomato Planting Information

Days to Germination: 8
Days to Maturity: 85
Planting Depth: 1/4"
Plant Spacing: 3-4'
Row Spacing: 3-4'
Approximate Seed Counts
Seeds per Oz. Seeds per Lb.
11000 176000
Current Seed Germination Data
Lot # Tested Germination Rate
31772 2024-01-31 90%