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Heirloom Collard Greens Seeds

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Approximate seed count per packet ( 1.0g = 240 seeds )

Georgia Collard Greens (Brassica oleracea 'Georgia'): Nutrient-Rich Greens for Your Garden

Cultivate nutrient-rich greens in your garden with Georgia Collard Greens (Brassica oleracea 'Georgia'). Known for their hearty and flavorful leaves, collard greens are a nutritious addition to your culinary repertoire. Explore the characteristics and optimal growing conditions of Georgia Collard Greens to enjoy a bountiful harvest of these wholesome and versatile leafy greens.

Key Features:

  • Hearty, Dark Green Leaves: Georgia Collard Greens produce hearty, dark green leaves that are both tender and flavorful. The robust leaves are a staple in Southern cuisine, providing a nutritious base for various dishes.
  • Nutrient-Rich: Collard greens, including the Georgia variety, are renowned for their nutritional content. Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these greens contribute to a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Distinctive Flavor: Enjoy the distinctive flavor of Georgia Collard Greens. The slightly bitter and earthy taste of the leaves adds depth to soups, stews, and sautés, making them a versatile ingredient in the kitchen.
  • Cool-Season Crop: Georgia Collard Greens thrive as a cool-season crop, performing well in the spring and fall. Planting in these seasons ensures optimal growth and flavor development.
  • Tolerant to Frost: Georgia Collard Greens are tolerant to light frosts, making them suitable for extended growing seasons. Their ability to withstand cooler temperatures enhances their adaptability to various climates.
  • Biennial Growth: Collard greens are typically grown as biennials, completing their life cycle over two growing seasons. However, they are often treated as annuals, allowing for consistent harvests within a single year.
  • Plant Size: Mature non-heading plants can reach a height of 18 to 36 inches, creating a substantial and leafy presence in your garden.

Optimal Growing Conditions:

Cultivate the nutrient-rich Georgia Collard Greens with optimal growing conditions:

  • Soil: Well-drained, fertile soil with good organic content. Collard greens thrive in soil that provides essential nutrients for robust leaf development.
  • Sunlight: Full sun to partial shade is suitable for Georgia Collard Greens. Aim for at least 4-6 hours of sunlight daily to promote healthy growth and flavorful leaves.
  • Watering: Maintain consistent soil moisture for collard greens. Water regularly, especially during dry periods, to support leaf development and prevent bitterness.
  • Spacing: Provide adequate spacing between plants to allow for proper air circulation and leaf expansion. This helps prevent diseases and ensures the development of large, healthy leaves.

Experience the wholesome goodness of Georgia Collard Greens in your garden. Order your seeds today and enjoy the satisfaction of growing and harvesting nutrient-rich greens for your kitchen.

Vates Collard Greens Planting Information

Days to Maturity: 75
Approximate Seed Counts
Seeds per Oz. Seeds per Lb.
8000 118000
Current Seed Germination Data
Lot # Tested Germination Rate
9554-H 2023-12-31 85%