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Essential Tips for a Productive Year-Round Garden

Growing a garden is the ultimate ego-boost. Did you keep living things alive, fed, and nurtured? Congratulations! Seeing the blooms and growths on your little plant babies is truly a rewarding feeling. But keeping them alive through winter? That’s a whole different ball game that is satisfying. Here, 99 Heirlooms shares three tips for year-round gardening.


Focus on the Function


Is your aim to cultivate a highly productive garden? Or perhaps you’re a planting newbie, and all you really care about is keeping your plants alive. Either way, it’s time to focus on:


  • Soil: As winter sets in, your soil health will become more relevant. Work organic compost in before planting, and fertilize well before the frost sets in.
  • Varietals: If you’re looking for crops that grow in the colder months, look up a list of weather and cold-tolerant fruit and veggies, and shop quality seeds by providers like 99 Heirlooms.
  • Water: Don’t forget to water your garden even when it’s cold out! Choose a warmer day to do so and opt to water at mid-day or when temperatures are higher. New roots form between March and April, so your plants will need a little extra moisture in those months.


Don’t Forget the Beauty


Having a home garden is a product of function, but that isn’t to say that your green space can’t be beautiful as well. Here’s how to prioritize your garden’s aesthetics can come in handy.


  • You will instantly boost your home’s property value and curb appeal, which can increase appraisal value and selling price.
  • By focusing on keeping the layout tidy and organized, your plants will have the space to grow to their full potential.
  • A beautiful garden sparks joy - so why not take advantage of all the calming and relaxing benefits of this activity?


Whether you aim to cultivate flowers, have fresh herbs for cooking, or grow your produce - we are here to tell you that it is all possible. Incorporate our tips into your green oasis, so you’re well on your way to a productive garden by the time summer sets in.


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